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The Spa Estate is Israel’s largest spa, spread over an acre of land in a large, magnificent 1500 m complex in Rechovot’s Rechtman Industrial Area.

The estate houses a prestigious Boutique Hotel, a pampering spa complex, a large courtyard and commodious, magnificent lofts for conferences and events.

The entire complex was designed in Victorian style, providing a regal ambiance for a perfect and luxurious experience. On entering the estate, you will be welcomed in its prestigious reception and waiting hall which houses a health bar, a variety of large rooms and suites for individual and couple treatments, luxury suites and guestrooms, lofts designed for conferences, events and parties.

Europe is here

At the Spa Estate you can enjoy a wide variety of professional treatments, luscious meals, a Boutique Hotel featuring suites and treatment rooms, magnificent lofts accessorized down to the last detail, a team of skilled and experienced masseurs and beauticians. A magical experiences with the scent of Europe, right here in Israel.

The meeting of body and mind

Choose from a selection of pampering spa treatments for an full body experience that will totally release you from the stresses of your daily routine. A complete body and mind experience.

First-class masseurs

At your disposal is a professional and experienced team of the best and carefully selected masseurs in Israel and the world who are happy to offer you a wide variety of spa treatments including beauty treatments, peeling, a therapeutic foot message, a hot stone message, and more.

Our product line

Our Spa does not compromise on product quality. All our products are created by Jasmine which has developed a special line for our Spa Estate. Quality oils, pampering soaps and the rest of our collection of beauty products, all have memorable fragrances.

Commitment to quality 

At our Spa Estate we are committed to providing an international level of standards and accommodation.

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