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Private and business events in a different atmosphere


Perfection in every event

The highlight of the Spa Estate is undoubtedly its unique lofts.

The Estate houses three magnificent roomy lofts, meticulously accessorized and designed in a modern and unique Victorian style suitable for private or business events where you can enjoy a wide and unique variety of services.

You can hold private functions such as cocktail parties, birthday parties, anniversaries and a wedding night. Likewise, you can hold conferences and business events of up to 50 participants in an accessorized loft with all the necessary cutting edge equipment to make you event a complete success.

A different kind of



Private events

Cocktail parties, wedding nights and birthday celebrations at the Spa Estate

The Spa Estate houses three commodious and pampering lofts, meticulously accessorized and designed in a modern and unique Victorian style for your complete pleasure. The lofts at the Spa Estate are perfect to hold a variety of private functions: cocktail parties, anniversaries, wedding nights, birthdays and more…

The Spa Estate staff will arrange your entire event and ensure that you enjoy every moment in the loft’s special atmosphere. Adjacent to the lofts are a selection of suites and guestrooms you can choose from to spend the night after your function… the ideal way to end a successful evening.

We recommended of course that you combine your stay with spa treatments from our range of treatments. As we have already told you, Europe is here. Available are a variety of guest packages, including spa treatments and meals.
Cost: from NIS 150 per person, Sun-Wed, and NIS 200 per person Thurs-Sa

The perfect event for you



Business Events

Events, conferences and social activities for businesses that want to pamper a little more

How many times have you considered how to spoil your employees… or to get them together in a special atmosphere?

At the Spa Estate this is possible. Our selection of lofts and our spacious courtyard are ideal for your business events, conferences or social get together of employees. The Spa Estate lofts are commodious and meticulously designed, making them the perfect place for the perfect event.

The loft furniture is modular which allows us, together, to rearrange the furniture layout to your liking. Along with cutting edge equipment, including plasma TVs, a projector, a professional sound system and spa amenities if you desire them… A professional team is also available to put together the perfect event specially tailored to your needs.

The Estate has an abundance of parking as well as direct entry into the lofts, enabling you and your company of people a level of enjoyment that can only be enjoyed at the Spa Estate. We are happy to provide you with our services. So why not hold your next business event at the Spa Estate.

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